VISION PROVIDER - Prophetic Divine Revelation for Fiji and the World

The Third secret says much about Water and Fire


Waters will rise. Waters will flow. Ice will melt. Hundreds of Millions will die.

It will happen quickly. Coastal cities and regions will vanish.

Hot places will cool. Cool places will scorch and dry up.

Some will be caused by man. Most was the hand of grace being removed.

All nations that relied on the Sea for food will starve and try to relocate.

Water will become more expensive than wine.

The Americas will become like the Fouquieria columnaris, A cactus desert tree.

The Godless Nations will make war on the free and prevail.

This is a reference to Communism

All of Europe to the Atlantic will be conquered England, America…Commonwealth countries will become Islands under siege

China will march to the Caspian Sea, like the Khan empire before

The Holy Roman Catholic Church

Dark Men will infiltrate the church

More than half the flock of the church will abandon the faith

There will be lies or untruth from the skies

Just as with the vision of the Statue of Daniel the Prophet, the Church will split into 2 final legs The eastern leg would embrace a host a Religions particularly Mohammedanism and Paganism

The Judgments to fall upon man at this time are not the Great Seal Judgments of Revelation.

During the wars and famines, men will hunt other men for food.

Beast of the earth and animals will become ravenous and eat people.

All Jews will be cursed and murdered (Europe, America, and Russia).

Man will breed Lion with Tiger, Brown and White bear, Scorpion and Wasp. Snake and Falcon.

When Solomon's Shamir (magic stone cutter) is found/made the The new Temple will be built.

Empire of the Beast after the Wars. Arises from the Old Roman Empire.

Qasr Azraq Mavortis (Mars God-man of the desert Fortress) (War-man of the Blue Fortress).

The Image of the beast will be created by man but possessed by evil.

The Beast and Dragon will change Time, the fabric of time, the understanding of time.

The Mark of the Beast is non human, beastly or Alien. Once accepted a soul is given over to it. It subjects and controls all decisions.

Mark of beast, Latin word rabies(madness) and rabhas(to do violence) Mark of the Beast. Will be IN not on forehead. IN.(And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:) Rev 13:16